Bobbing For Apples

Based on the data we have collected as a class I can tell who won the competition it also helps with the bar graph to physical see the difference between the classes.We can tell the time difference when we changed the data from minutes to seconds for example 1:12 we turned it to 72 seconds.Also what we can see from when we did the competition we saw 8B was pushing the apples against the side of the bucket so they can get more grip.(Common sense)Well the other class just dug right it there.The lowest time for 8A is 2 seconds and for 8B was also 2 seconds,the most time converted to seconds is 8A is 86 seconds and for 8B is 52 seconds.The time difference mas the difference by the shorter of time you get your first apple you have more time to get more but the longer you take to get a apple the less apples you get.As conclustion 8B pummeled 8A at the bobbing for apples contest by 28-12 which is 16 more apples. 

For Halloween it’s a tradition bobbing for apples.My class 8B Mrs.Durnin challenged  Mr.westra’s class 8A for bobbing for apples for Halloween .The reason why we did this is for our unit in math data.The winner gets bragging right till our next challenge.We did our challenge on Halloween,October 31,2012 .We did it at our school gym at our physed period.How we did it is  we got a few bags of apples got a bucket full of water and got 10 stundentsn for each class 5 girls and 5 boys and got a total of 20 stundents dueling for a challenge. We did this in pairs  we had a total of 7 duels.the way we did it is we had to dunk our heads in the bucket trying to get a apple before 1 minute but you can not use your hands to help you get a apple.If you get a apple but using your hands that apple does not count.